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Press report from 18.02.2016

Pressebericht vom 18.02.2016

Filling memories with life

Zeitgeist from the jug

A young woman juggles with vacuum jugs. It seems as if she she can't decide which of the brightly colored jugs she will prefer. colors she will prefer. But all the vacuum jugs and flasks have one thing in commonbottles have one thing in common: each of them is adorned with a red dot.
ROTPUNKT: a myth, a brand that accompanies people all over the world throughout their lives. There is hardly anyone who does not have a personal memory of the sturdy plastic jugs. memories with these sturdy plastic jugs.
ROTPUNKT: this name stands for quality, perfectionism, tradition - and since summer 2015 also for lifestyle.
ROTPUNKT Dr. Anso Zimmermann GmbH, which employs around 80 people , iscurrently venturing a new start and wants to fill memories with new life in thetruest sense of the word : Thecompany, which has been based in themarket town of Niederaula since the early 1970s and was founded in 1963 by Dr. Anso Zimmermann, the pioneer in theinsulated can segment , isadvertising with the slogan "Color up your life .""True to the motto 'away from the household article to the trendy jug,' we want to refresh our image," explains Managing Director Stephanie Ludwig-Weidemann . Thegoal, she says, is to further establishthetradition-rich brand on the market with new and innovative ideas .
In order to be able to accomplish this, the Niederaula-based company has engaged the bath Hersfelder advertising agency ultraviolet in the house got. "We know around the loyalty of the customers, however we would like with fresh, new ideas to considerably more presence and reach", emphasizes agency head Elmar
Maria Henrich. The spirit of Dr. Zimmermann, which is in every pot with thekeep-warm function , will ofcourse not be shaken . "We would like to pick up the people, approximately after the Credo: 'Aha, that is ROTPUNKT, but in the new Design'. Lebensgefühl from the pot is virtually the magic formula," affirms themanaging director of ultraviolet . "Thefact that coffee culture is currently experiencing a renaissance isalso playing into our hands," adds Stephanie Ludwig-Weidemann, who has been steering the fortunes of ROTPUNKT GmbH since May 2015 , whenshe took over the legacy of her late father Peter Ludwig .

"After the sudden death of Dr. Zimmermann, his close confidant, my father , took over thecompany in 1994," the managing director sums up. The vision of Peter Ludwig, who ran the business for over 20 years and worked at ROTPUNKT forhalf a century ? "Preserving table culture and modernizing at the same time." A philosophy that endures to this day.
In the train of time
In order to meet the friends of vacuum jugs directly in their own four walls pick up, the company initiated its own online store in January. "My very big wish. This way we can also reach people on the living room couch," says Stephanie Ludwig-Weidemann. The product range can be seen: 30 different models of any color and - partly - in different partly - in different content sizes can be acquired. All the same whether elegant, classical, transparent, with glitter effect, in frosted optics or in the retro Design: the varieties frosted look or retro design: the variety knows no bounds.
Speaking of the retro look: "We still have two vacuum jug models with old decors onoffer," reports the managing director. "Younger people in particular associatethese with memories of their grandparents or associate a feeling of security with the jugs." And what about the tried-and-tested ROTPUNKT effectsince the relaunch ? "Nothing has changed in terms of quality," Stephanie Ludwig-Weidemann emphasizes. "All our products are manufactured, tested and checked with theutmost care at our Niederaula site." Elmar Maria Henrich puts it in a nutshell: "ROTPUNKT insulated jugs are known for their legendary 20-hour keep-warm function. Conversely, they keep cold drinks cool for a long time on hot days." Quality, made in Germany.
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