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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about our ROTPUNKT products


Where can I find the type or part number of my product?

The type number can be found on the bottom of your item (three-digit number for jugs/drinking vessels and two-digit number for bottles).

Can I also purchase ROTPUNKT articles directly at your location?

Yes, you are welcome to visit us on weekdays from Monday to Friday (8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00). The prices on site are the same as in our online store. We ship free - the online store would be more convenient for you.

Order / Delivery

How long does the delivery take?

In stock items are ready for immediate shipment and delivery is up to 7 days.

I have not received my order yet. What is the next step?

Orders that we receive are processed immediately. Despite care, there may be delays in delivery. However, this is not our responsibility. If you do not receive your goods within the next 7 working days from order confirmation, please contact us.

I have received the wrong item or the delivered item does not fit. What to do?

Very rarely it can happen that an incorrect item is delivered. In this case you can of course return it to us.

Just send a short email to and we will make sure that you receive the correct item in exchange. If you ordered the wrong item, please notify us and we will arrange for a replacement.

Cleaning / Care

How do I clean my ROTPUNKT products correctly?

We only use high-quality, double-walled glass inserts for our vacuum jugs/bottles. Since glass is a very sensitive material, the products should only be cleaned with agents intended for this purpose, such as cleaning rods, sponges or beads. The cleaning beads can be found in our store.
When cleaning, please never touch the jug/bottle with your fingers from the inside (risk of injury!). The screw cap of your jug/bottle should only be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge under warm, running water. With the ROTPUNKT jar, you can use conventional (soft) sponges for washing. There is no risk of damaging the glass insert, as it is protected by a plastic dome.
Please never use methylated spirits, alcohol or similar cleaning agents to clean the products.

Discolorations on the plastic part cannot be removed. What to do?

We only process high-quality plastic for our articles. Plastic takes on discolorations over time when used with certain beverages/food, but in no case does this lead to a situation that poses a health risk. These discolorations cannot be removed 100% even with thorough cleaning.

Are ROTPUNKT products dishwasher safe?

Please clean the jug/bottle/jars/lids by hand only.

Do I have to replace the sealing rings of my jug/bottle/vessel regularly?

The sealing rings on the lid or neck (seal between the glass and the case) become somewhat brittle after some time due to use. If you notice that the rings are brittle, we recommend that you replace them. We carry the seals under the spare parts section.

How can I replace the sealing ring on the lid?

Using a knife, you can carefully score the sealing ring - without damaging the lid - and remove it. Place the new ring in hot water for a few minutes, so that it softens a little and can be fitted to the lid without difficulty.

Spare parts

Why are there no more spare parts for my jug/bottle/vessel?

As a rule, we still have spare parts in stock for older articles. However, we cannot provide spare parts for all items that were produced 40 years ago, for example. Here we ask for your understanding.

Why are there no sleeves available as spare parts?

We have not included the sleeves in our range of spare parts. For our customers, the costs involved are not in any reasonable relation to the purchase of a new vacuum jug/bottle.


What to do if the glass is damaged?

Please do not use the product anymore if it shows any damage! You can order a new glass insert for your model in our online store. ROTPUNKT cannot guarantee for glass breakage.

My jug has ,,cracks/jumps" in the spout area. Why?

The visible lines in the spout area of the jug are not cracks/jumps. These lines (parting lines) are mold-related effects. To produce the can body in the respective shape, parting lines are unavoidable. However, these have no detrimental effect on the functionality of the can. For decades, these effects have been visible in plastic warming cans; we are less familiar with the formation of cracks.

My vacuum jug/bottle/vessel no longer keeps warm. What can be the reason for this?

This may be due to the capillary or the seal of your product. The capillary tips are also made of glass and are located on the rounded underside of the glass body. If these capillary tips are damaged, it is no longer possible to reliably keep your beverages warm. The glass insert must be replaced with a new one.
Due to the material properties, the seal on the lid or the so-called neck profile ring (seal between the glass and the sleeve) can become brittle after some time. As a result, the keep-warm function can no longer be 100% guaranteed.
You can obtain the matching original spare parts in our online store.

Particles in my vacuum jug/bottle. What to do?

In the case of ROTPUNKT vacuum flasks or vacuum jugs, the drinking liquid only comes into contact with the glass of the insulated container. The insulated jug/bottle should be rinsed well before first use - as described in the instructions for use - as is customary for all containers intended for the use of food. Particles or other impurities found later in the drinking liquid do not come from glass or from the jug/bottle under any circumstances.
No one would think, even with a wine glass, that impurities come from the material "glass". We assure and guarantee that no mercury can be found between the flask walls of any of the glasses used by ROTPUNKT. Silver plating is carried out exclusively on a pure silver basis, i.e. absolutely harmless.

My jug/bottle/vessel is making whistling noises. What to do?

These whistling noises are easy to explain physically: After the hot liquid has been poured in, an overpressure is created in the jug, which is reduced - also deliberately by us - as air escapes. If the liquid then slowly gets colder, the air pressure inside decreases and this is reduced in the same way - only in the opposite direction. This pressure equalization causes the whistling sound. In such a case, you can simply open and close the cap once.

What is a warranty case?

We at ROTPUNKT guarantee perfect hot and cold holding: beverages filled boiling hot must still have a minimum temperature of 45 °C after 24 hours (vessels: 12 hours). This applies if the contents are filled in the same way and the container is closed correctly and permanently - and understandably not after the glass insert has been damaged.
If keeping the glass warm is not guaranteed, please send the item to our address for inspection (please note that we cannot provide a guarantee on broken glass, as the cause cannot be traced in this case). The cover letter for this shipment can be found at